First, this post may have spoilers so don’t read if you’re still in season 1/2. Second, this isn’t a theory i just don’t know what to call it lol. Third, i know it’s long but i think it’s worth reading!

As you all may know, PLL’s calendar is litte bit confusing! So, i decided to do this post and try to show you my pov on this! I separated in numbers and dates (And events to remind you of the timing). Let’s begin with a quick recap:

Alison’s desappearence was in September 2009, a year later they found her body: September 2010. (Just a note: Rosewood High begins the year in September!) The girls also began to receive texts from A/Mona around this time (Sep/2010). According to my calculations Mona was revelead to being A and admitted to Radley in March 2011.  5 months later…

  1. August 31, 2011 - Happened the girls sleepover where Emily was drugged and Alison’s body is stolen.
  2. October 31, 2011 - Season 3A happened pretty fast… 2 months later was Halloween and 3B already! In case you forgot, it was 3x13 and it had the crAzy Halloween Train and Garret’s sad death. :(  
  3. November - Obviously 3A happened in November and “fast”, but 3B was really slow and really really confused… Because all that ‘Toby is A’ drama happened so fast (In PLL’s timing)… Therefore i assumed it was in November’s 1st week (Maybe it happened in the 2nd but i have no idea!). So what i’m saying is that TOBY IS A/SPENCER IN RADLEY/SPENCER BECAME A/ FIRE AT THE LODGE/ WILDEN IS DEAD happened in like 1 or 2 weeks… But who knows… (In my opinion, it has to be only 1 week for a reason i’ll be showing you in the end of this post!)
  4. Still November - 4A also was kinda fast, all the events probably happened in 1 week. (Important note: The Ali’s appearance in Rosewood, thumbnail in the image above, have to have happened in November’s second week! Again there’s a reason for this, and i’ll be showing in the end of the post!)
  5. DECEMBER yay - Ok, this post is probably also confusing but idk i think it clarifies some stuff…  We are know in 4B, it happened from November’s second week to December’s second or first week… NOW THE REASON I’VE BEEN TELLING YOU TO WAIT FOR, Holbrook and Mrs Hastings have been saying (4x24 and 5x01) that Spencer (and the other girls) knew Ali was alive over a month ago. (Since 4x12) So they definitly are in December, and probably on the second week, because in 5x13 we will have the Christmas Special and they aren’t that close or even that far from 2011’s Christmas, so i really assumed they’re two weeks from it! Got it? Great! Didn’t understand? Come to my ASK and i’ll try to explain to you! 

So, i hope you all understands me and the post… Something you didn’t pick up or you are lost, just ask me! I’ll even try to get Norman Buckley and Marlene’s attention to help me with this! If you’re a nice soul you can help me :) just send them the link to this in ther twitter accounts, thank you!

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